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Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce Hails Anti-Secession Law

The Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce extends their full support for the Anti-Secession Law passed by the National People's Congress of China on March 14th, 2005, observing that the law is an expression of the maximum goodwill and sincerity of the Chinese Government as well as its rock-firm resolve to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it is a fair and rational law which complies with the will of the people. The statement was made at a forum of the chamber on March 18th, 2005

H. E. Amb. Zhang Keyuan, who was invited to the event, pointed out that, one China principle is the basis for the realization of peaceful reunification, which best serves the interests of the compatriots across the Taiwan Straits. The passage of the Anti-Secession Law is of great significance to promoting cross-Straits relations under the new circumstances, to maintaining the peace and stability of the Straits and propelling the peaceful reunification process. He praised the Chinese community in Ghana for its passion for the destiny of the home country and its contribution to the reunification cause, citing as an example its active participation in the campaign to oppose secessionist activities and promote reunification.

After serious discussion, the chamber unanimously passed a statement in support of the Anti-Secession Law, the full text of which is as follows:

On March 14, 2005, the Third Session of the Tenth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China adopted the Anti-Secession Law with a unanimous vote. H. E. President Hu Jintao issued Presidential Order No. 34 promulgating the law which went into effect as of the date of promulgation. At the same time, H. E. President Hu Jintao set forth the four-point guideline on relations across the Taiwan Straits as follows: 1. never sway in adhering to the one-China principle; 2. never give up efforts to seek peaceful reunification; 3. never change the principle of placing hope on Taiwan compatriots and; 4. never compromise in opposing the "Taiwan independence" separatist activities.

The Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the whole Chinese community in Ghana resolutely support the Anti-Secession Law and the four-point guideline put forward by H. E. President Hu Jintao concerning the development of the cross-Straits relations. We Chinese in Ghana unanimously hold that the legislation is a stern warning to secessionist forces and an embodiment of the unshakable will of the nation. As overseas Chinese, we are opposed to any attempt to separate Taiwan from China solidly and support the complete reunification of China. The Anti-Secession Law, a direct counterblow to "Taiwan independence", incarnates not only the will of the whole people of China but also the desire of all the overseas Chinese. In face of increasingly rampant secessionist activities of "Taiwan independence" forces, it has long been our expectation that such a law should be passed. We overseas Chinese shall stand firm and give an unequivocal "no" to "Taiwan independence" so as to promote the reunification of our motherland.

The legislation and promulgation of the law has highly strengthened the initiative of the mainland in carrying forward the reunification cause. By nailing down the law's anti-secession nature, it draws a bottom line and at the same time leaves sufficient room for a peaceful solution. The safeguarding of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, as the core of the national interests, is the obligation of all Chinese people, including overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots. The Chinese people will never tolerate the secessionist acts. The enforcement of the law, which will serve to effectively curb "Taiwan jurisprudential independence", is the will of reunification against secessionist attempts and represents popular desire and expectation. The bunch of secessionists is doomed to failure in its vain attempt go against the will and iron resolve of the entire Chinese people.

The Chinese community in Ghana holds the Anti-Secession Law in high regard, esteeming it fully justified, well founded, righteous and fair, and duly promulgated.

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