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Qin Gang: China Hopes the International Community Will View the Afghan Issue in a Comprehensive, Balanced and Objective Manner

On April 13, 2023 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang held a press conference after the Second Informal Meeting on Afghanistan Between Foreign Ministers of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran.

When asked by a journalist about China’s view  on the Afghan authorities banning Afghan women from working for the United Nations agencies in Afghanistan, Qin Gang said that the UN agencies have played an important role in coordinating countries' positions on Afghanistan and promoting international support for Afghanistan. Afghanistan's friendly neighbors, including China, are concerned about Afghanistan's recent policies and measures, and are worried about the possible impact of these measures on the basic rights and interests of Afghan women, the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and international cooperation. Qin Gang said that since the Afghan Taliban came to power, they have repeatedly stressed the need to respect and protect women's rights and interests, which we hope can be translated into actions, and we hope that the Afghan Taliban will heed the concerns of the international community and resolve related issues through friendly consultations with various parties.

Qin Gang emphasized that the issue of women's rights and interests is very important, but it is not the whole of the Afghan issue, nor is it the core or root cause of the Afghan issue. We cannot turn a blind eye to this issue, and neither can we take care of one thing and lose sight of the other, or evade serious matters. The international community should view the Afghan issue in a comprehensive, balanced and objective manner. Two-thirds of the Afghan population is living in hunger, and the Afghan people are still living in the shadow of terrorist threats and external interference. The Afghan issue calls for a comprehensive and systematic solution. Only with a stable society, manageable safety and security and a growing economy, can women's rights and interests be fundamentally safeguarded. China advocates that the international community should continue to help Afghanistan develop its economy and improve people's livelihood, continue to provide humanitarian and development assistance, and promote moderate and prudent governance in Afghanistan through dialogue, communication and guidance, so as to effectively protect the basic rights and interests of all the Afghan people, including women, children and ethnic minorities.

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